Garance Doré x L’Occitane

  • Garance Doré x L
Garance Doré x L’Occitane

Her blog on the border of the diary and the magazine is one of the few websites I visit every day. Exiled in New York for several years, she enjoys every summer to come back in Corsica On her island to relax with family. Addictive to her blog, even on holiday she can not stop write and post pictures.

This summer, her path crosses Arianne Goldet beauty Editor of Marie Claire for a partnership with L’Occitane Provence. Surprisingly, this was not mentionned on her blog, anyways, what a pleasure to hear her speak about her native island.

“This is a very personal thing for me to talk about my love for Corsica – Including the immortal, the fragrance That Represents to me the identity of my island I Knew the line of the Immortal L’Occitane, and I Knew and the respect. That passion hAD beens Invested in this beautiful product, so It was a pleasure to share my pictures and my emotions. “- Garance Doré

This true Mediterranean through this book together intimate keepsake album Where It evokes the magic flower That Accompanied His childhood, the immortal. Nicknamed  Because it never fades, It offers fabulous Youth properties That L’Occitane Declines in the care of the Divine Immortelle range.


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